Reviews of

Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams:

Staying Agile in a Global World

by Jutta Eckstein

Here are some quotes from people who read Agile Software Development in a Global World.


Two software development forces have evolved over the past few years -- creating software with teams distributed over the world and crafting software in an agile process. Jutta Eckstein expertly covers the challenges involved where these two forces meet. She explains in detail how to address the issues, such as communication between distributed locations and building trust through connections other than face-to-face get-togethers. She outlines the differences in practices between a co-located team and a distributed one and how to transition into a distributed team. She explores many variations of team organization, such as when team and customer are separated and when the team itself is split. In my role as consultant for distributed agile teams, it appears she has covered the gamut of the common and uncommon challenges that teams encounter. This should be required reading for anyone involved in distributed agile development.
--- Ken Pugh, Author of Prefactoring (USA)


Jutta Eckstein's new book is packed with practical advise on managing large and distributed agile projects successfully. A must read for everyone interested in the subject!
--- Roman Pichler, Author and Scrum Expert (UK)


Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams delves deep into all that is required to make Agile offshoring a success. Through it Jutta Ecksteins shares her deep understanding of team dynamics in distributed environments. Agile is without a doubt the best way to mitigate all Offshoring risks and I recommend Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams to get you started on this difficult but prosperous journey.
--- Guido Schoonheim, CTO, Xebia Group (The Netherlands)


Jutta shares from her enormous fountain of experiences with agile projects and outsourcing, and presents a long string of practical advices on how agile can
bring success into your global project. In the process of doing so, Jutta illuminates the core of the agile value system and the challenges in global projects. This book provides good guidance to agile, and is an invaluable asset, if you are applying agile in a global context.

--- Carsten R. Jakobsen, Systematic (Denmark)