Reviews of

Agile Software Development in the Large

Diving into the Deep

by Jutta Eckstein

Here are some quotes from people who read Agile Software Development in the Large


I love your book and have been promoting it to my clients and colleagues. I think it's the best, most readable & understandable explanation of Agile overall that I have read.
--- Diana Larsen, certified Scrum Master and a certified Administrator of the Singer Loomis Type Deployment Inventory (FutureWorks Consulting, LLC, USA)


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your new book. I read it through at one sitting -- just couldn't stop!
--- Paul Dupuy, Jr., Technical Architect, USA)


The major strengths of this manuscipt are the topic area --- of growing importance to both practitioners and educators worldwide --- and also the down-to-earth, pragmatic tone taken in the book. As far as I know, this books is well targeted at a gap in the marketplace. Most of the existing XP books address small projects in idealised, greenfield environments: this book is the first I am aware off addressing large projects within more traditional environments.
--- James Noble, Author and Professor (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)


Jutta is a highly regarded professional whom I know personally and professionally. She has worked on numerous important projects and provided talks at many industry conferences. She is what I regard as a thought leader in agile processes and patterns. As such, she has a lot to say and the industry will be the better for her guidance and advice.
--- Ken Schwaber, President of the Agile Alliance, Author and Senior Consultant